The Hybrid Vision Pro – a new tank system from Choice 7’s

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Image of The Hybrid Vision Pro – a new tank system from Choice 7’s

Like it has been predicted by top industry analysts, and following the natural trend of people wanting more and more from their e-cigarettes, the news that sales of tank systems have surpassed the sales of traditional two-piece devices didn’t come as a surprise. The tank systems include powerful devices like advanced personal vaporizers, mechanical mods and a wide range of rebuildable atomizers and clearomizers.

Hybrid Vision ProThe initial two-piece cig-a-like devices have helped so many former smokers quit tobacco and enjoy a much healthier lifestyle, but due to the constant improvements in technology these devices have become outdated and many vapers have made the switch to more powerful vaporizers. They offer a much more satisfying vaping experience, a greatly extended battery life, more flavor and throat hit and above all tremendous clouds of pure vaping delight. But the main problem for the traditional players in the e-cig industry is that these mods are generally sold by smaller companies and this left them with two choices: either adopt the new trend or watch their whole business slowly as it slowly plummets.

We have reviewed a starter kit from Choice 7’s a long time ago and we were more than impressed with the company’s products, but in the last few months they decided to discontinue their line of two piece cig-a-likes and made the switch to the new and more powerful tank systems as well. 7’s is one of the first old players on the e-cig market to give their customers exactly what they wanted – an improved personal vaporizer with a refillable tank that can work with virtually any e-liquid on the market. No more prefilled cartridges, no technologies that would make the ecigs work with only the company’s line of e-liquids and no pre-filled, disposable tanks. The Hybrid Vision Pro is their state of the art personal vaporizer that features a refillable clearomizers fitted with disposable atomizer heads and an adjustable airflow system.

The Hybrid Vision Pro, just like other types of powerful tank systems on the market today comes with a preinstalled atomizer that can be replaced once it fails to provide a satisfying vape. You can buy these atomizer heads separately and one should last from10 to 20 days depending on how often you use your device. The vaporizer also comes with a pass-through 650mAh battery, which even though is not as powerful as other models you can buy these days, it’s more than enough for a regular vaper that’s trying to keep away from the nasty tobacco cigs. You also have a wide variety of flavored e-liquids from 7’s, but if you don’t find anything to suit your vaping needs (a thing that is hard to believe) you can refill the tank with virtually any e-juice on the market.

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