Our Review On The Zero 50W Box Mod (Clone)

Today we have something very special prepared for you and even though it’s a clone, the performance on this baby is so unbelievable that we decided to give it a spot on our review page. We have been playing with the Zero 50W Box Mod for a week and half and it has been quite the thrill, so let’s take a closer look at this powerful e-cigarette.

Yes, it’s another box mod but it has a small form factor that makes it very easy to hold and to vape. It comes with a great finish, it’s made from solid materials,  it’s powered by a similar DNA 50 chip and it’s a 1:1 clone of Carlos Pang’s original Zero Box Mod. So, unlike other Chinese clones, this one is actually regulated by a very good chip that makes it incredibly responsive and a pleasure to puff on. But before we go any further, let’s check out the packaging:

Cigreen Zero silverThe Zero 50W Box Mod clone comes packed in a lovely black cardboard box with a magnetic enclosure and the ‘Zero’ logo nicely engraved on the top. Inside you will find the mod (ours came in silver) and a small user’s manual. Right from the start you will notice that the materials used are of very high quality and the box mod feels sturdy and it’s a pleasure to hold.

A nice feature about the Zero is the fact that you can easily take out the outer sleeve (or frame) and get instant access to the battery and the small silver wedge tool that’s located in a compartment on the side of the mod. The inner part of the mod is designed out of phenol formaldehyde resin, making it very durable, while the outer frame is made from good quality stainless steel. From what we’ve seen online, you can buy extra frames for this box mod in different colors for around $10 – $15.

On top of the Zero 50W Box Mod you will see the adjustable 510 connection with the reverse threaded center pin. In order to adjust the pin you will need to use the silver wedge tool and twist accordingly. Also, on the bottom you will also notice an adjustable pin that works with the same wedge and this one is used to securely tighten the battery in place. Both these pins are made from copper to ensure a good electrical conductivity. As a side note, this mod only works with flat top 18650 batteries, so you better get one of these if you don’t have one lying around the house.

Looking at the Zero you will notice that all the buttons, the display and the micro USB port are located on one side. There’s a big and comfortable firing button at the top followed by two smaller adjustment buttons below and a generous OLED display. To lock or unlock the mod you need to press five quick times on the power button, and while it’s locked you can also flip the display (right handed / left handed use) or even turn it off to go into full stealth mode. You also have the option of locking the current wattage output by holding both adjustment buttons pressed for a few seconds. The thing you need to be aware of is that each time you replace the battery, the wattage goes to the maximum setting of 50W so make sure you don’t fry your coils (if you have a tank that cannot withstand the wattage) by pressing the firing button straight away.  There is also a micro USB port and an indicator light on the bottom that’s used for charging but there’s no cable included inside the box.

The Zero 50W Box Mod is a variable wattage device and it can go from 7W all the way up to 50W in 0.1W increments. The settings start to Cigreen Zero side viewaccelerate depending on which button you keep pressed so going from 50W to 25W doesn’t take that long. You can use the Zero with any atomizer having the resistance between the 0.5 Ohm – 5.0 Ohm limits.

The stellar thing about this mod is the 50W chip that’s very responsive and hits like a total beast. There’s no delay and the power is constant and accurate. Vapor production is awesome and we found a sweet spot with our 0.5 Ohm coil at around 41.5W. All in all, this a great clone that’s totally worth the $120, considering it’s only a fraction of the price you’ll pay for an authentic Zero device.