Our Review On The Vision Spinner 2

We were looking to test the Vision Spinner 2 for a couple of months now but we were so busy with a lot of more powerful mech mods and advanced personal vaporizers so we kind of neglected this gizmo. However, after giving it a try we realized that neglecting it was a mistake because this is probably one of the best performing eGo twist style batteries on the market and certainly one of the most powerful.

There is big demand for beginner style mods like this on the market, but not many of them have a total capacity of 1600 mAh. So the with Vision Spinner 2 you are probably looking at a full day of vaping if you are an intermediate user and about one and a half days you are new to e-smoking. It’s also perfect to have around the house as a backup for you main mod or in case you need something thin and light that it’s easy to use on the go.

Vision Spinner 2 batteryThe Vision Spinner 2 comes inside two small cardboard boxes with no charging accessories and no tank. This might be a downside for some people but from what we’ve heard you can also buy this in a starter kit. We just got the battery that’s nice and blue – but you can also purchase it in black, red, and stainless. The design is amazing with a textured finish that fades from top to bottom and a lovely pentagon (or diamond) shape power button that lights up each time you press it. As opposed to the original Vision Spinner, the button on the version 2 is greatly improved and designed for increased usage. Also the threading is of better quality and it features both eGo and 510 compatibility.

Another thing that you will notice about this battery is the voltage adjustment dial at the bottom, that’s no longer smooth but has some nice grooves cut out in it for improved usability. It also clicks when selecting the desired voltage and you have four settings to choose from – 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, and 4.8V. So if you already have the original Vision Spinner, besides the extra 300 mAh, the improved dial and button and general looks you don’t get plenty of other extra features. We did expect this tiny mod to at least have a charging port on the side or on the bottom to use it as a pass-through but no luck with that – probably with the version 3. Also you will need to buy an eGo style charger separately and with a battery this big it’s going to take several hours to recharge – from 4.5 up to 6, depending on the input power.

But then again, considering the fact that the Vision Spinner 2 sells for around $30 you can buy your accessories separately and still not cross the psychological $50 barrier that seems to be the maximum amount of cash some smokers are willing to invest in order to give vaping a shot.

To power on the Spinner you will have to press on the firing button for five consecutive times and the same procedure is required when you want to turn it off. You will notice the backlit button gradually changing color as the battery drops and when it starts blinking orange you know it’s time for a recharge. You can use the battery with any eGo style clearomizer but when you want to put something 510 threaded on top of it we do recommend a beauty ring. We tested it with the Mini Protank 3 and also with the Nautilus Mini and here’s where this product really shines.

We were so happy to see the amount of vapor it produces, especially with the Nautilus Mini but then again the Mini Protank 3 seems to make a more aesthetic match with the whole design of this mod. Flavor is great and despite its small form factor, the Vision Spinner 2 can deliver a lot of power from its 1600 mAh battery. We did not encounter any issues with it and found it performing the best for our taste at the 4.3V value with both the Nautilus and the Protank. So if you are looking for a powerful but small vape pen battery, then the Vision Spinner 2 might just be perfect for your vaping needs.