Our Review On The Viggo Mechanical Mod

For some reason we’ve tested a lot more advanced personal vaporizer and tank system than we did mechanical mods but we are slowly turning the tide with some brand new products. Today we are going to look at a very impressively designed mechanical made from copper that is called the Viggo. With some unique engravings on the body and the firing button, this gorgeous mod is becoming more and more popular among vapers and we decided to review it because we were truly fascinated by its looks and performance.

Viggo RDAThe Viggo comes in a nice black cardboard box and inside besides the mod you will also find the Jam RDA, a lovely rebuildable dripping atomizer crafted to match this mechanical’s unique looks. The mod looks impressive from top to bottom and the two silvery rings contrasts perfectly with the all-copper body. On the top side, you will notice the copper 510 connection with the floating center pin that’s silver plated (adjustable positive pin on the inside) and the airflow holes forged in the stainless steel cap. The outer diameter is 22mm.

On the bottom cap you will notice the silver plated copper pin and the vent holes on the inner part, while on the outer part there’s the beautifully engraved firing button that’s flush with the cap and has a unique locking mechanism. Unlike in the case of other mechanical mods were you have a reverse threaded ring you screw or unscrew in order to lock the device, here the locking mechanism is completely stealth and all you need to do is finely turn the bottom cap clockwise or anti-clockwise to stop the button. And since we are on the topic, we absolutely love the way this button feels and performs. Clearly one of the best we’ve ever had the chance to test so far.

The Viggo is powered by a single 18650 battery and it is not telescopic. Since the pins are made from silver plated copper, the conductivity is excellent on this mod and the voltage drop is very low. Also the Jam RDA complements the Viggo perfectly, using the same materials and design lines. It features one central positive post and two negative posts and a generous outer rim. The posts are fitted with Philips screws and building your coils is done very fast. The top cap of the atomizer is connected and sealed to the deck via two O-rings. It also comes with a stainless steel drip tip.

In terms of performance, the Viggo is definitely a mod that impresses and we’ve managed to blow out some amazing clouds with our dual coil, 0.8 Ohm configuration. Vapor production is solid and the flavor is absolutely delicious. This is our first ever copper mod and we were more than delighted with the overall performance.