Our Review On The VF RDA from Innokin

Innokin VF RDAThe first ever rebuildable dripping atomizer from Innokin, the VF RDA is a ground breaking device made from high quality stainless steel that’s going to impress a lot of vapers out there with its performance and versatility. As mentioned on the company’s website this is definitely not the kind of toy for a beginner, unless you’re ready to invest a lot of hours watching online tutorials and learning how to build your own coils from scratch.

Innokin ships its VF RDA in a transparent plastic case, much like the one you will find on some of the company’s vaporizers. Inside you will find the lovely metallic atomizer and a bag of goodies that include spare O-rings and three additional posts. One of the first things that make the VF unique and appealing to the eyes is the extremely elongated drip tip made from steel that serves both aesthetical and functional purposes. It looks impressive on the unit and at the same time, it cools off the hot vapor, giving you the chance to enjoy a soothing vaping experience. However, if you don’t really fancy putting metal in your mouth, the drip tip can be replaced with your personal favorite – but we do suggest something made of Pyrex since with plastic the vapor tend to be quite warm if you go for sub-ohm coil builds.

This particular model consists of three main elements: the top cap, the atomizer body that features the adjustable airflow system and the deck that features a positive post and two negative ones. While this may look like any ordinary rebuildable dripping atomizer it comes with a trick. The deck can be unscrewed from the base and replaced with additional units that will be available to buy online. This means that you could use the same VF RDA unit for single coil, dual coil or even quad coil build but only replacing the deck. We believe this is a revolutionary approach for coil building enthusiasts and the trend will surely catch on.

The surrounding rim that creates the well is big enough for a good quantity of e-juice and the posts feature thumb-screws and two holes for the Kanthal wire. The unit also features an adjustable airflow system that will surely give you enough venting for dual coil or quad coil configurations.

The VF RDA has an exterior diameter of 23mm and it comes with the popular 510 threading.

In terms of performance, it all stands down to how well you build your coils and if you prefer going sub-ohming or not. We went for a 0.8-Ohm dual coil configuration and were more than impressed with the vapor quantity and flavor coming out of this small bad boy. The whole idea behind this RDA is quite revolutionary and the coils are very easy to build. A very good purchase overall and a perfect gizmo for all those amateur cloud chasers out there.