Our Review On The VaporFI VOX II MOD Starter Kit

The VaporFI VOX II has officially been discontinued and replaced by the VOX TC Mod, a new and improved 50 Watt device that also does temperature control. 

From all of the products we got from VaporFI, we decided to save the best for last, and trust me it’s going to be worth the wait. The VOX II MOD Starter Kit is a great ‘toy’ for vaping enthusiasts and it packs one of the most powerful combos on the market today that can be fully customizable depending on the cloud chaser’s personal preference. And by fully customizable I mean that you can choose the type of tank that comes with advanced personal vaporizer and you have three options – the Rebel, the Bolt RDA, and the Volt Hybrid Tank. The Rebel is recommended for normal users that want the five star vaping experience, the Bolt is for advanced users that prefer building their own coils and experiencing the ultimate flavor, while the Hybrid Tank is a sub-ohm device that delivers massive clouds and is powered by removable atomizer heads or an RBA deck.

VaporFI VOX II accessories The VaporFI VOX II MOD comes packed in the standard, hi-quality, signature cardboard box and right on the top you’ll notice the device itself, a user’s manual, a USB cable and a high drain 18650 battery. The Hybrid Tank that we got was packed in a totally different box and it came with a fully assembled unit fitted with a 0.5 Ohm atomizer head, an extra 1.2 Ohm head, the RBA base, a spare Pyrex tube and a bag of goodies including some organic cotton, two pre-built coils, 2 screws, a screwdriver and extra O-rings. We also got a free 30ml bottle of e-liquid that came with the Tank and we noticed that it was their flavor of the month.

The mod is rectangular in shape, compact, easy to hold and it packs everything required for the high end vaping experience. It is powered by a removable 18650 battery and the one that comes inside the box is rated at 2500mah / 35A so that’s more than enough for sub-ohming or cloud chasing. On the chrome plated top side of the VaporFI VOX II MOD there’s the spring loaded 510 connection and air channels, on the bottom there’s the battery cap with the vent hole and the micro-USB port, and on the main side you can spot the firing button, OLED display, and the two adjustment buttons.

To power on the device you will need to press on the firing button for five consecutive times and you are going to notice the VaporFI logo VaporFI batteryonce it’s ready to use. The generous display shows the current wattage, atomizer resistance, output voltage and the remaining battery charge. A great thing about the VOX II is that there are five different wattage settings you can store as ‘memory’ and you can easily scroll through them by pressing the (+) button. You can define you own personal values and override the default ones with only a few clicks – there is a step by step guide on how to do this in the manual.

The VaporFI VOX II MOD is a variable wattage personal vaporizer and you can go from 7.0W all the way up to 50.0W in 0.1W increments. The device can work with atomizer resistances anywhere between 0.2 Ohms and 3.0 Ohms and the maximum output current is 22A. It comes with plenty of safety features such as short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage warning, low resistance warning, high voltage protection, and even overheating protection. Using the device is pretty straight forward and once you predefine your five wattage settings you’ll be able to switch between them in no time without having to go through all the settings.

VaporFI tankMoving on to the tank, it definitely resembles the Subtank Mini from Kanger, and from what we’ve heard it’s a branded product with some extra features. It has a capacity of 4.5ml of e-liquid, it comes with adjustable airflow, a sub ohm atomizer head, a 1.2 version and a RBA base that gives you the option of building your own coils. We didn’t get the chance to test it in RBA mode but we sure did enjoy it with the 0.5 Ohm atomizer head. The vapor production is phenomenal over 30W and the flavor is so intense. You will be absolutely mind-blown by the quality and quantity of the clouds this baby delivers and the battery pack plenty of power to last for days. You can also charge it without the need of an extra device, so that’s a big plus.

The  VaporFI VOX II MOD and the Volt Hybrid Tank make such a great combo and really complement one another. Yes, we know it’s a lot to pay for an AVP kit but it’s high end vaping gear and using the coupon you find on our website you get 10% off. Also you benefit from the standard 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and the commercial warranty that ranges from 90 days for the tank to 6 months for the mod. And VaporFI is well known for their top-notch customer support and the manner in which they solve any issue or handle defective products.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to test the Bolt RDA, but we will update this review in the future if it happens.