Our Review On The VaporFI Rebel 2 Starter Kit

VaporFI Rebel 2 Starter Kit

It’s been a long time since our last starter kit review, and since we had a couple of VaporFI products lying around we decided to unbox them and put them to the test. The first on the list was the Rebel 2, an improved version of the original Rebel, a mod that we tested more than a year ago and really enjoyed. But enough small talk, and let’s get straight to the product itself.

VaporFI Rebel 2This first thing you need to be aware of in the case of the VaporFI Rebel 2 is not to be discouraged by the big selling price. $180 is a lot of money, but you do get enough vaping gear to get you started and puffing out clouds like a king. Also, you can use one of our discount coupons to get at least 10% off your order so you’ll end up paying around $160 and with VaporFI’s 30-day money  back guarantee and 1 year product warranty it’s a risk-free purchase.

The VaporFI Rebel 2 comes packed in a nicely designed cardboard gift-box and inside you are going to find the mod itself, a clearomizer, a user’s manual, a wall charger, and two branded batteries (18650 & 18350). So with the charger and batteries included you do get a complete kit and good value for the buck. The mod is made from stainless steel and it’s quite bulky, similar in looks (in our opinion) with the original SVD. It has a decent amount of weight to it and it’s great for all vapers who enjoy something big that stands out. The body has the firing button located on the back, the two adjustment buttons on the side and the display on the front.

A nice thing about this AVP is that the body is telescopic, which means you can use it with any battery from the 18000 family. As you twist the main tube the mod increases in size and it can accommodate the big 18650 battery included in the kit. On the other hand, if you prefer something smaller in size, you can twist the tube backwards until it reaches its minimum length and you can use the included 18350 battery. But the small size comes with its disadvantages, as the battery life is way shorter than in the case of the massive 18650 and you will need a spare if you want a full day vaping machine.

The VaporFI Rebel 2 Starter Kit also includes the Rebel tank, a device that’s quite similar in appearance and performance with the Nautilus. It has a total capacity of 4ml so there’s enough e-liquid to last the whole day and it comes with an adjustable airflow control system and an adjustable juice flow mechanism. The airflow control consists of four different diameter holes and a ring that is used to select each one of the settings to match the desired draw. The replaceable coil heads come with adjustable juice control and this is done via a rotating top that partially covers the cotton feeding holes or leaves them wide open. It’s recommended to leave them open for thicker e-liquids and to partially close them for thinner juices.

The mod is capable of both variable voltage and variable wattage and in order two switch between modes you will need to keep the two VaporFI Rebel 2 coiladjustment buttons pressed for a few seconds. The display will light up and confirm the current setting. Once you are in variable voltage mode you can go from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in 0.1v increments; in variable wattage mode you can choose from 3.0W to 15.0W in 0.5W steps. If you press the (+) button for a few seconds you will get a read of the atomizer resistance and if you press the (-) button for the same amount of time you will see the remaining  battery life. And while the three big digit display is pretty rudimentary if we are to compare it to today’s more generous screens, it does the job properly and it’s perfect for people with poor eyesight.

The VaporFI Rebel 2 comes with an included 18650 battery that’s rated at 2,800mAh and the device itself allows a maximum current of 4Amps. This means it’s capable of producing massive clouds and offer great autonomy at the same time. And once you fill the tank with e-liquid and mount it on top of the mod (it can work with any other 510 or eGo threaded accessories) you’ll get an understanding of how powerful this bad boy really is. Above the 5 volt value the clouds are very rich, consistent and flavorful and if you combine this with the tank’s adjustable juice and airflow settings you get a real steam engine in your hands.

As a small negative though, you only get one coil inside the box and a spare 5-pack goes for around $25. However they do last a pretty long time depending of course on your vaping habit, but we suggest buying a pack of spares with the mod if you decide to order it.