Our Review on the VAPOR KING Starter Kit


Vapor King has been on the market for only few years, yet it has managed to make a name for itself and a very dedicated clientele. It only offers 3-piece design ecigarettes but the quality of their products is quite remarkable. It is the excellent choice for vapers that don’t mind filling their own cartridges but who enjoy the benefits of these models (lots of vapor, high capacity batteries and possibility of mixing eLiquids to create amazing cocktails).


Vapor King is aiming for the experienced users or the most curious and skilled of the beginners. We all know that personal vaporizers are the most cost effective and some people enjoy refilling their clearomizers manually. It has a wide variety of starter kits, the biggest display of flavors, the most nicotine strengths and it even sells disposables, e-hookahs and electronic cigars. It is definitely a brand for the sophisticated vapers.

Design and Packaging

If you prefer the tank design rather than the cig-a-likes then prepare to be dazzled by what Vapor King has to offer. Its products are eye-catching and the attention to detail is remarkable. It’s difficult not to get noticed when using their products because they really draw attention. Smooth metallic finish, laser engraved logos and a variety of colors to choose from make their products very desirable among vapers. All their kits come in fancy gift boxes.

Starter Kit contents, prices and warranty

The Storm 2.0 Starter Kit contains:

  • two 650mAh Batteries
  • two atomizers
  • five atomizer heads
  • five blank cartridges
  • one e-liquid bottle  (over 46 flavors to choose from and 6 nicotine strengths)
  • one power plug
  • one USB adapter
  • five cartridge tips
  • one carrying pouch
  • one manual
  • one gift box

The Storm 2.0 Starter Kit can be purchased for $89.95 and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Battery Life

The Storm has some pretty impressive batteries that will last from 4 to 6 hours (the 650mAh) and about 8 hours for the 1100mAh version. This will be enough even for the heaviest of vapers and an average user will have no problems during a whole day.

All in all, Vapor King offers its customers decent battery power and there are not that many complaints.


When it comes to flavors, Vapor King has a really impressive variety of eLiquids for all tastes.

The Fiberbrand Liquitine range includes flavors like: MRX, Pina Colada, Apple Pie, Menthol Engine 9, Menthol Chill, Cherry Bomb, and Polar Chill.

The Fuzion Vapor range includes flavors like: Nice Melons, Gummy Blood, Krankberry, Hadouken,  Purple Pieman, Unicorn Blood, Rasta Blood, Ectoplasm, XTC, and Orangezilla.

The Drakes Vapes include flavors like: Yolo, Echelon, O-Face, Vanilla Trifecta, Chai Town, Punky Bruiser, Drakeula, Melon Fiasco and Alchemist.

Uncle Junk’s Genius features flavors like: Belgianberry, Monica’s Eyes, Bettie White, Savannah, Honey Do, Grapeful Grace, Hard Lemonade and Jon Wayne.

Besides all of these fancy flavors, there are of course the original Vapor King tastes like: Rootbeer float, Hot Cinnamon, Almond, Cheesecake, Turkish Blend, Pina colada, Hedy, Grannny Smith, Kiwi, Caramel mocha, Cherry cola, Cotton candy, Blackberry, Apple Mix, Blueberry, Clove,  Chocolate banana, Cherry cola, Vanilla 2,  Champagne,  Melon, Pancake, Apple cinnamon cranberry, Cherry cigar,  Black Cherry, Menthol Smooth, Grapefruit, USA Mint Mix, Pomegranate, Reno,  Chocolate Banana, RY4, Coconut and the let’s not forget about the Tobacco one based on combustible cigarette brands.

Most of their flavors come in 6 levels of nicotine strengths: (0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.2%)


Vapor King is one of the best 3-piece electronic cigarettes manufacturers that will suit any sophisticated vaper’s needs. If you are looking for a high quality device and the widest selection of flavors then you should definitely consider this brand. They have many innovations in the ecigarette field and they will draw a lot of customers in the future.