Our Review On The UDT V17 Oak-Leaf Hybrid

We didn’t do any mech mod reviews in quite some time now, but today we have something that’s going to make the long wait totally worth it. Made from high quality 304 food grade stainless steel combined with brass insertions, the UDT V17 Oak Leaf is a new hybrid from Youde that looks and vapes amazing. We are big fans of the Chinese manufacturer and like their style when it comes to crafting top notch mechanical mods that have that nice industrial vibe.

The UDT V17 is called a “hybrid” because the rebuildable dripping atomizer that comes inside the box is connected directly to the positive end of the battery, allowing for increased conductivity and vapor production. However, you do get an additional top cap that’s 510 threaded so you can use it with any RDA or tank you fancy or have lying around the house. But let’s look at this lovely mode up close:

The Oak Leaf Hybrid comes packed in a nice black cardboard box with a transparent sheet of plastic right in front of the mod so you can clearly see it without having to open the packaging. Inside you will find the fully assembled mod, the 510 threaded top cap, a user manual and a bag of goodies that includes two silica wicks, two pieces of Kanthal wire, two spare O-rings, two spare screws for the RDA, and a small screw driver. It does NOT come with a drip tip – not really sure why – so be careful that you need one of these in order to vape on the V17. But since this mod is clearly not intended for beginners, it’s  good chance that you have at least one drip lying around so that’s not a deal breaker.

So, taking it apart the UDT V17 is made of – the bottom cap that includes a spring loaded concave firing button with silver plated brass contacts, the main tube with the etched oak leaf that can be used with a regular 18350 battery, the extension tube that’s for the 18650 battery, the base of the included hybrid RDA that features adjustable airflow slots and the top cap. You also get the additional 510 threaded battery top cap that comes with lovely design air slots all around it and six airflow channels at the top. It features two adjustable pins – one for the 510 connection and the other for the battery to prevent any rattle.

Oak Leaf Hybrid The included ‘hybrid’ RDA features the same two adjustable pins with excellent knurling on the bottom side, and on the deck you can notice two negative pins on the sides and a positive pin in the center. These are all fitted with Philips screws so it makes it easier to mount the coils. It works with horizontal or vertical dual coils and it features an adjustable airflow mechanism that ensure the ultimate draw to match your vaping style. The well is generous and it allows for a good amount of e-liquid to be soaked in the cotton. The top part fits perfectly due to the two insulating O-rings and once you have everything in place prepare yourself for one of the most intense vaping experiences ever.

Mounting the coils is not that difficult, but if you are a beginner, we might suggest using the 510 adapter and test this baby with a rebuildable tank atomizer that’s far more user friendly. However, if you are experienced with building coils then the UDT V17 performs the same way as an over $100 version would. The voltage drop is very very low and if you use it in dual coil configuration (we measured our build at 0.6 Ohms) the clouds you are going to get are staggering. We were really impressed with the included RDA but you can also use it with any other rebuildable if you prefer vaping in quad coil configuration.

We didn’t encounter any issues with the spring loaded firing button that also has a reverse threaded locking mechanism. You can easily take it apart by unscrewing the pin and clean it thoroughly each time you perform maintenance on your mod. We only used it with a 18650 battery, so we don’t know how it performs in 18350 mod but it can support a maximum current of 30A. The total height is 105mm and the diameter is of 22mm. A more than impressive mech mode that you can buy for only $55.