Our Review On The Vamo V5 AVP

Vamo_logoIf you don’t fancy mechanical mods but rather feature reach variable voltage/variable wattage AVPs, then you’ve probably heard about the Vamo. It’s one of the most popular devices of this kind on the market and it reached its 5th version. Though its design is a lot more like the V2 than the V3, essentially being a Vamo v2 but packing the electronics of the Vamo V3, it does have some improvements over the past versions and it’s maintaining the reputation it gained.

The Vamo V5 is capable of measuring and displaying the atomizer resistance, on its generous OLED screen.  The device is extremely well built, feels solid in the hand and while not telescopic, it takes a single 18650 size battery or it can also be used in its smaller setting with an 18350 as well by removing the bottom section tube.

The control layout is one of the best, and the horizontal facing display makes things a lot easier. The Vamo also features three buttons in total– the main firing button and 2 smaller buttons with different functions. Depending on how you have set the device, these two buttons will help you adjust the voltage or wattage in various increments. If you are in variable voltage mode then you can go from 3v to 6v in .1 increments while in wattage mode, the device can switch from 3.0w to 15w in increments of 0.5w.

The metal buttons, a new battery spring and a raised 510 connection are just some of the new features that are going to differentiate the V5 from previous versions or its rivals. While the connection is flush, you should always be extra careful when screwing on tanks or cartomizers since it can damage the threading.

Just like any state of the art AVP, the Vamo V5 has a lot of safety features to protect your battery or device against all sorts of hazards like under voltage or over voltage and even very low resistance in the atomizer. You also have the option to change the power setting from Mean to RMS.

When it comes to the vaping performance, then this AVP won’t let your down. You can try different settings and work out which one is best for you but stay assured that vapor production and throat hit will be at their best.

Here are some of the most important features of the Vamo V5

  • Output voltage ranges from 3.0 V to 6.0 V, adjust the voltage +/- 0.1 V by pressing + and – buttons.
  • Press and hold the + button for 3 sec to display the current resistance.
  • Press and hold the – button for 3 sec to display battery voltage.
  • Output power 3 W ~ 15 W.
  • On/off mode allows you to the shut the unit off completely.
  • Reverse battery protection keeps circuit safe if the battery is installed backwards.
  • Battery monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge.
  • Amperage limiting system protects against over current situations.
  • Thermal monitoring shuts the device off if it detects a high temperature condition. .
  • Fit atomizers with resistance 1.5 ~ 5.0 ohm.
  • Time limit protection function, it will shut down with more than 10s each puff.
  • OLED screen displays” LO-Ω” if resistance lower than 1.2 ohm, “LO-V “if short circuit.