Our Review On The Pulse from VaporFi

Vaporfi Pulse VaporFi is among the more recent e-cigarette brands to have hit the market but already they have gained a steadily increasing clientele and so many positive reviews for their products. Besides the almost endless variety of e-liquids, this company specializes in selling personal vaporizers in order to address both beginners but rather more experienced vapers.

Comparing vaping devices may sound like a discussion of popular art as come e-cigarettes have that authentic ‘steam punk’ feel to them, while others are easy-going and uninspired, just like the dull elevator music.

With high power, lots of versatility, a good amount of accessories, and some of the best design in terms of form and functionality when it comes to vaporizers, the Vapor Zone Pulse will keep things interesting with a blend of futuristic style – with its novel circular charger – and one of the best vaping experiences you will ever come across.

The first thing you will notice about the Pulse is its curious charger, which not only is it cordless, but it also has a circular design. The charger is also a battery base, fitting in a center hole, which allows you keep in a vertical position, to see the LCD screen clearly and always get an update on the battery charge.

The VaporFi Pulse comes with two 3.7 Volt 750mAh batteries which produce solid thick vapor while not fully draining the battery on a consistent basis.Along with great full vaping ability, these batteries are digital, which can give the user many different options. Because they are also manual, they can be turned off while not in use. This is a good safety option that other automatic unit don’t have and they sometimes get activated in your pocked by wind or loud noise. In order to turn the e-cig on or off the power button must be tapped 5 times before the unit responds.

The cartomizers hold 2.5mls of e-liquid and the atomizer provides 2.6 to 3.2ohms of resistance. You can also use other of VaporFi’s tank systems which is ideal if you’re making the switch from one of their products.

The VaporFi Pulse also has the ability to use Dual Head Cartomizers, which can be purchased from the company’s website as an option. The Dual Head Cartomizers have a nice clear tank but without the wick and they produce excellent vapor and make cleanup even easier.

The Pulse has a puff counter on it, which means that from the time you turn the unit on, you can track your puffs, which is quite helpful for those who want to know how many hits they can take of a nearly full tank of e-liquid.

The overall quality of this device is amazing and it will blow your mind in terms of vapor production and battery life. It is also very simple to clean and it’s made from high quality materials which means you will be able to puff on the Pulse for many years to come.