Our Review On The Iron Beast

Iron Beast modIf you are looking for something uniquely designed that offers solid performance and would definitely guarantee an amazing vaping experience, then look no further. The Iron Beast is a fully mechanical mod crafted out of high quality 316 surgical stainless steel combined with brass elements that’s going to make you puff out clouds in no time.

It is a remarkable piece of mechanical engineering, with a very robust appearance and the some sort of teeth protruding from the sides of its tube, giving this mod that outstanding sci-fi appearance, like something from a Transformers movie.The intriguing design the Iron Beast its one of a kind appearance, and also make this device well balanced and comfortable to hold. Even though it might look massive and sturdy is has the exact amount of weight to make quite the impression.

The Iron Beast mod is telescopic and is composed out of a six individual parts. The top cap holds the 510 connector, then we have there is a brass ring; following is the upper spiky part of the body, then the battery tube. Moving on there is the lower spiky part of the body, then another identical brass ring and finally the bottom cap and firing button. Yes it may take some time to take this mod apart and them reassemble it but the threading is very good quality and after a couple of times it’s going to be as easy as one, two, three.

This configuration allows the Iron Beast to work with most of the 18000 family batteries. We have tested it out with an 18350 and an 18650 on it and they both work like a charm. The mod also has its brass plated with gold,  and also a floating center pin that will ensure a solid connection regardless of the tank you mount on top of it.

You will also notice four air channels cut into the top cap of the Iron Beast that will ensure a decent amount of airflow. The vent holes for the battery are located on the two brass rings and they go great with the whole design of this mod. It has a peak diameter of around 30mm on the body and a top cap diameter of 25mm. The firing button is located at the bottom and is recessed into the body of the mod, thus eliminating the need for a locking ring.

The performance of this mod depends solely on the type of battery you use and the build of your atty, but the voltage drop is almost inexistent. We’ve been using it with the iTaste VF RDA and it performs like a true beast. Fantastic vapor production, excellent flavor and an amazing throat hit. Given the below $50 price tag, this is a definite best buy for all those looking for a cheap but solid mechanical mod that’s going to last forever.