Our Review On The Innokin iTaste SVD

Innokin_iTaste_SVD_logoThe finest advanced personal vaporizer from Innokin and also their first variable voltage/variable wattage device released on the market, the Innokin iTaste SVD is like the brand’s flagship with a stunning reputation among vapers. You might just say that the overall vaping experience on this device sets the standard for middle range vv/vw ecigs and it is one of the best AVPs for this price tag.

The iTaste SVD looks like something from a Star Wars movie, though it might present some difficulties if you want to carry it around all day due to its size. If however you plan to use this device only at home or at the office it is definitely one of the best money can buy. The futuristic design is similar to other vv/vw devices on the market but this one has managed somehow to escape the ‘roll-holder’ complex that many other AVPs are facing.

The simple cardboard box includes only the device and manual and no additional accessories. While this might be a drawback for some, Innokin decided to give its users complete autonomy in what batteries, chargers or tanks are concerned. The AVP includes a pair of telescopic tubes which are destined to house the majority of 18 batteries on the market (18350, 18500, and 18650). Generally, the more expensive the battery, the better it performs and the battery is like the soul of your ecigarette so make sure to use the best money can buy in order to enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with this device. The high quality threading on the SVD won’t present any issues with removing and replacing the tubes so you don’t have to worry about jams or grinding.

The high quality stainless steel of the SVD ensures no loose pieces or wobbling parts, the device feeling very rigid in the hand and at the same time very comfortable. The firing button is made of transparent plastic because of the LED inside of it and it feels very responsive under the finger. It lights up in different colors, depending on your battery charge (green, yellow or red).  There are two additional smaller metallic buttons that control the voltage/wattage and they perform top notch.

The blue-colored LED display of the iTaste SVD shows information about the battery, power, voltage and resistance. Operating the device requires pressing of the two metallic buttons and it’s pretty straight forward and very similar to other vv/vw AVPs on the market. The only complication we found is that if you change the battery, you have to press some buttons for over ten seconds in order for the device to unlock itself.

The safety protections on the SVD will ensure you won’t run in any problems with faulty batteries of very low resistance atomizers. It includes Reverse Polarity Protection, Overheat Protection,  Battery Safety Protection (vent holes), Short Circuit Protection, Overtime vaping Warning and even Low Resistance Atomizer Protection.

The voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments while the wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 15.0W in 0.5 watts increments.

The device will fit a lot of tanks and clearomizers and tank systems on the market today.

If you fancy the idea of an advanced personal vaporizer that will give you complete autonomy over your vaping voltage or wattage and deliver one of the best experiences in this price range, then the Innokin iTaste SVD is a definite best buy. It’s clearly not a device for everyone but if you know you’re volts and watts and enjoy big, bulky vaporizers then you will never feel disappointed.