Our Review On The Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

Side by side with the Herakles, we received another bad boy to review and it’s also a stainless steel monster that works with replaceable atomizer heads and is built for sub-ohming. It is called the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank by Horizon Tech and it’s definitely worth being in every cloud chaser’s arsenal, but more on that after we take a closer look at it.

Made from good quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Arctic is a direct challenger to Kanger and Aspire’s supremacy in the sub-ohming field and we have to say it’s a pretty close battle so far. In fact, in our opinion, this tank is as close you can get to a RDA-like experience, but without having to know a single thing about building your own coils or having to constantly drip e-liquid on the wicking.

Arctic Sub Ohm TankThe Arctic Sub Ohm Tank comes packed in a lovely transparent hard plastic case, with a cardboard sleeve on which you get the info on the type of coils you have inside. We got the Bottom Turbine Dual Coil version rated at 0.2 Ohms and the spare rated at 0.5 Ohms. Inside the case you can see a fully assembled tank (that features a stainless steel drip tip) and a spare atomizer head. There’s no spare Pyrex glass tube, which is a disappointment but we guess you can buy these separately in case you drop your tanks and it cracks.

The build quality on this product is outstanding and the materials used are clearly respecting today’s standards in terms of vaping. In fact, the majority of tanks that we’ve tested in these last few months were very good, unlike the stuff that was on the market only a couple of years ago.

Getting back to the Arctic Sub Ohm, to refill it with e-juice you simply need to unscrew the base and pour the liquid through the two tiny slots. We recommend using a dropper for this or an e-liquid bottle with very narrow opening. We also recommend saturating the coil with plenty of e-juice and never use it with a high wattage level right from the start. It is ideal to start off with something like 15W and gradually increase the power until you find a sweet spot.

The coil heads come out easily and on the base you will notice four massive airflow holes for a very smooth draw. The 0.2 Ohm coils work with wattages  between 30 – 100W while the 0.5 Ohm coils work with wattages between 30 – 80W. We have tested both these coils and found the flavor to be somewhere better with the 0.5 Ohm, but unfortunately misplaced the 0.2 Ohm head before having the chance to further investigate with other types of e-liquids (sorry about that).

The Arctic Sub Ohm, like any respectable tank, features an adjustable airflow mechanism that is comprised of four huge air slots that can be left fully open or can be gradually covered by a rotating dial. The total diameter is 22mm so it will match any regular mod, but be careful not to use it with any hybrids because the stainless steel 510 pin does not protrude as much as it needs to. Also, if you use this tank with any mechanical mod, please make sure you are doing it with a powerful battery that has at least 25A continuous discharge current.Arctic Sub Ohm Tank dissembled

In terms of flavor, this bad boy is probably one of the best tanks we’ve tested so far and the airflow is phenomenal. Such a great combo of the two that we are still using the Arctic on a regular basis after 3 weeks. Another great fact is that because of how the cotton gets wicked through two big shafts carved into the atomizer head, you won’t get any issues even with high VG e-liquids.

Not really sure what the ‘turbine’ stands for when looking at the coil head, but as far as we can tell it’s made of two coils stacked one on top of the other and surrounded by organic cotton, so nothing out of the ordinary.

The total capacity is of 2.5ml so that’s barely enough considering the pace at which is devours through e-liquid, but that’s the problem with many of the sub ohm tanks we have on the market today.

In conclusion, is great tank to enjoy cloud chasing with, but it can also be used by any regular vaper with a regulated mod that can go at least to 40-50W.