Our Review On The Tesla M2

tesla_m2With one of the most unique designs in what mechanical mods are concerned, the Tesla M2 is probably the ideal gizmo destined to all those looking to make the switch from cig-a-like starter kits or eGos and buy something a lot more powerful. It comes in two color options (gold and chrome) with a polished finish that’s both eye catching and a fingerprint magnet at the same time. But if you don’t mind carrying a cloth with you or don’t mind the fingerprints in general this is definitely a device worth checking out.

The Tesla M2, unlike the usual mechanical mods you see today, is made up of only two parts. The body, which includes the 510 connection and the bottom cap, which includes the spring loaded firing button. This is why we believe the mod is ideal for beginners because you simply attach an atty, insert your battery and you’re ready to puff. It’s not a reverse threaded telescopic mod that can accommodate various types of batteries, it works with a single 18650 IMR and that’s probably more than enough for everyday vaping.

The mod comes in a white ‘gift’ cardboard box and includes only the Tesla M2 and the manual with no extra accessories. It has a total length of 104mm and an exterior diameter of around 25mm. What we particularly loved about the design is the two bolts clearly standing out from the body, which give this mod its spectacular look. It’s both 510 and eGo threaded, therefore ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of rebuildable atomizers and tank systems. However, there are a few drawbacks and the most important one in our opinion is the fact that the center pin is neither free-floating nor adjustable. Even though we didn’t find an atomizer to have trouble with the Tesla M2, it’s a thing you need to take into consideration.

The bottom firing pin is very responsive and has a nice tactile feedback. It’s very balanced and it feels natural when pressed. It can support the weight of the mod without firing and it has a nice locking mechanism to prevent it from going off when it’s inside your pocket or bag. The threading is good and everything seems to be of very high quality considering the price tag. We’ve been puffing on it for a few weeks and didn’t encounter any problems.

We even tried a sub-ohm build of 0.7 and everything was smooth enough to leave us impressed. There are some minor voltage drops but considering you can buy the Tesla M2 for around $30, the overall performance outmatches its small flaws. It’s a great mechanical mod for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still be able to enjoy the full benefits of the vaping big league.