Our Review On The Nucleus Rebuildable Atomizer

For all you drippers out there who want to vape with style, there’s a new rebuildable on the block this fall and it’s coated in Rhodium. The Nucleus Rebuildable Atomizer looks amazing and it feels very solid in the hand. It’s made from stainless steel and brass and the contacts are coated with Rhodium, which is one of the least corrosive of metals used today in the vaping industry and has a very high electric conductivity. It is the same metal used in high-quality spark plugs in the auto industry so this will give you an idea on its efficiency. Inside the box you will find the atomizer alongside some spare O-rings for the top cap and drip tip.

The RDA is very eye-candy and shiny but at the same time it’s a fingerprint magnet. The construction is very robust and once you take off the top cap you’ll understand what makes this device unique. The word ‘Nucleus’ probably comes from the original way in which the positive and negative posts are assembled and they are built on the same piece of metal. If you unscrew the central post, you can take out the whole assembly and looking at it, you fill find four holes on the sides suitable for dual coil or even quad coil builds. However, the tricky part is to unwind the small screws covering the wire holes for which you will need a ridiculously tiny Allan Key (1.3mm). If you can’t find one, you can also use a small flat headed screwdriver to get the job done.

The Nucleus Rebuildable Atomizer has a nice airflow adjustment system with three holes on each side, but you can only use it in two-hole mode or the middle hole mode depending on your build and the amount of air you want flowing inside the atty. You simply twist the adjustment ring until you get in the one-hole or two-hole configuration and you’re ready to puff.

Putting the coils together can be a bit time consuming, but at the end of the day that feeling achievement can be overwhelming. Once you get used to it, you will find the post configuration on the Nucleus very efficient and pretty soon you’ll be bragging to your friends about your quad coil sub ohm build.

The Nucleus RDA has a diameter of 22mm and a length of 22.5mm, making it ideal with all those 18350 or 18650 mechanical or regulated mods in the market. We’ve tried it on our UDT-14 and IPV V2 and from the performance point of view there isn’t a single negative thing you can say about it. The clouds are huge and the flavor is phenomenal, but I guess it all depends on the build and type of e-liquids you’re using.

All in all, it’s a fantastic RDA at a very affordable price that will reward you with an amazing vaping experience on you get the hang of Nucleus Rebuildable Atomizerbuilding those coils.