Our Review On The Kanger Aerotank Giant

kanger Aerotank GiantThe Aerotank Giant from Kanger takes only the best from previous Aero and Protank lines of products and adds a revolutionary engineered airflow adjustment system. It is called “Giant” because of it impressive 30mm diameter and it’s especially designed for big 26650 mods like the Hades.

Kanger ships the Giant in a nice cardboard box that features a transparent sheet of plastic above the unit just to make it visible from the outside. Inside this box you can find the assembled tank, a metallic tube, a drip tip, the instructions manual and two 1.8Ohm atomizer heads. The assembled tank consists of a top cap, a Pyrex glass tube and the 510 stainless steel base with the adjustable airflow ring. All of the stainless steel and copper used are of the highest quality and have been forged with exceptional precision and attention to detail.

The redesigned atomizer heads are much bigger than the ones you can find on the Aerotank Mega and are carefully sealed in order to produce an increased amount of vapor and maximize both the flavor and throat hit when compared with previous models.

To refill the Aerotank Giant with e-juice, one needs to take off the bottom cap, hold the unit upside down and drip his or hers favorite e-juice through the holes in the base, just as one would do on the Mega series. While it does have an impressive diameter, the Giant can hold only 4.5ml of e-juice, which might be a bit disappointing for those expecting more than one day of vaping from it.

The completely re-engineered airflow valve features five holes on the base of the unit and a ring that can be adjusted in order to maximize or minimize the total quantity of air going through the Giant. The system works flawlessly and the ring has enough stability to prevent accidental changes to the set volume of air. One can go quite easily from a tighter draw to blowing out some of the most impressive clouds of vapor ever experienced.

The Aerotank Giant is a great tank to complement any big 26650 mechanical mod like the renowned Hades or any advanced personal vaporizer like the Seven 22 or Seven 30. The atomizer heads are replaceable and depending on usage they can last from 10 to 20 days. While it does not carry a lot of e-liquid with respect to its size, this beast delivers a very solid and impressive vapor production, good flavor a nice throat hit. It feels very durable and it looks awesome on the Seven 22 with the stainless steel tube instead of the Pyrex one.