Our Review On The Joyetech eGrip

In a vaping market that’s constantly shifting towards powerful 50-100W devices and stylish mechanical mods, there’s a new kid on the block and from what we’ve tested, it’s going to build a solid fan base and get a lot of positive reviews. The eGrip is the first built-in atomizer e-cigarette from Joyetech that features not only a transparent liquid window but also a 360-degree regulation ring to adjust output wattage.

It’s very compact and the minimalist design makes it appealing to both men and women who want a stealthy electronic cigarette that vapes like a true beast. In addition, looking at its size, 46.4mm X 20.4mm X 99.5mm (including the mouthpiece), it’s smaller than an MVP and about the same weight with a full e-liquid tank. Design wise it’s pretty eye catching, with a nice matte finish on the sides and chrome insertions on the top and bottom. The mod feels very solid and the build quality is almost flawless.

The eGrip is made of four distinct parts – the mouthpiece, the body, the CS atomizer head and the atomizer base. No more unscrewing of tanks, then unscrewing again to refill with liquid, then putting it all back together again. With this tiny device you simply push up a lid located on the side of the body, slowly pour the e-liquid into the hole, then lock the cap and you’re ready to vape. However, besides the simplicity, the people at Joyetech figured that vapers today are also looking for power so they fitted the eGrip with a rechargeable, built-in, 1500mAh battery and up to 20W of pure vaping delight. This gizmo features the all new VW mode. In this mode, wattage output can be adjusted by rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise. With the wattage increasing, the vapor speed will be faster and you can enjoy a huger vapor.

To give its users the full benefit of all that power, the eGrip is also fitted with a nice airflow control system. On one side of the body, at the bottom you will find a small screw. You simply need to rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the flow. The looser the screw is, the bigger the air inlet is.

Another great feature of the Joyetech eGrip is the replaceable atomizer head. You have to unwind the big screw at the bottom with a coin, and find the atomizer head located on the base of it. Simply unscrew the atomizer head and replace a new one, put the cap back on and you’re ready to vape. The CS atomizers have a resistance of 1.5 Ohms, which, even though won’t help you sub-ohm, are enough to deliver some amazing clouds and a nice robust flavor.

The device can be used in pass-through mode when charging and the battery will last you anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the wattage and your personal vaping preferences. We did try other drip tips but we found the one in the box to fit perfectly and do the job flawlessly.

The eGrip Kit comes with the following:Joyetech eGrip

  • 1× eGrip Mouthpiece
  • 1× eGrip Body
  • 2× eGrip CS Atomizer Head
  • 1× eGrip Atomizer Base
  • 1× 1A Wall Adaptor
  • 1× USB Cable

1× Manual & Warranty Card