Our Review On The iTaste VV 3.0

iTaste VV 3.0Packing a whole lot of features inside a small and stylish body, the iTaste VV is a microprocessor controlled advanced personal vaporizer that lest you adjust both the wattage and voltage in quick and easy steps. To be honest, we didn’t expect too much stuff considering the size of this device, but it has been a very pleasant surprise.

The devices comes packed in a very nice cardboard box, and inside you will find a comprehensive manual, the iTaste VV, retractable USB charging cable, wall adapter and five iClear 16 (dual coil) clearomizers. It comes in four available colors, but we got the black one for testing. The first thing you’ll notice about the VV, besides the small form factor is that the body is square and it comes with both eGo and 510 threading (as opposed to the previous 1.0 and 2.0 versions).

On the body you will notice the square, backlit firing button at the top and two smaller (-) / (+) buttons at the bottom, alongside a glossy LCD display. The micro-USB charging port is located at the bottom and once you take the device into your hand you’ll notice that it’s quite balanced and feels very slick. The firing button will glow each time you press it green, yellow or red, depending on the remaining battery charge. And speaking about the battery, the VV is powered by an internal 800mAh lithium ion unit that can be used in pass-through mode, which is an added plus.

The iTaste VV can be used in both variable voltage and variable wattage mod. You can adjust the voltage from 3.3 to 5.0v in 0.1 steps and the wattage from 6.0 to 11W in 0.5 steps. I bet you didn’t expect this tiny gizmo to reach 11 Watts but it is an absolute winner. It also has a puff counter and a built in ohm-meter, that can give you a reading of the atomizer resistance.

To power on the device you need to press three consecutive times on the firing button, screw on the iClear 16 clearomizer or any clearomizer you prefer and you’re ready to puff. The display is very bright and readable and it gives you accurate info on the actual resistance, current volts / current watts, puff counter, voltage output and the last used settings.

From performance point of view, yes it’s not as powerful as some devices that are already on the market, but considering its size it packs a lot of vaping goodness. The amount of vapor is more than sufficient for a regular vaper and the battery can last anywhere from 4 hours to the whole day, depending on how often you puff. Overall, it’s a great device to own and a very nice gift for a loved one (some of the colors are very appealing to lady vapers too).