Our Review On The Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0

Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0Innokin managed to build its reputation with the release of several solid and flawlessly performing vaporizers, among which the iTaste SVD was king. It was one of the first ever advanced personal vaporizers to set new standards in performance and functionality and it has become quite a legend throughout the vaping community. But considering all the recent developments in technology, Innokin had to come up with an improved model in order to fight off its completion and thus the SVD 2.0 was launched this fall.

But besides releasing a new product, they have created something unique in the e-cigarette industry, which is easy to spot if you pay close attention to the cardboard box the SVD 2.0 comes packed in. It is the first time ever you can see both the ‘Innokin’ long and the ‘Evolv’ logo side by side, because this new iTaste is powered by the Evolv Experience chip, the same technology as in the famous DNAs.

Inside the now signature cardboard box from Innokin you will find another black case that is used to carry around the SVD 2.0 and also packs a few twists. Inside you will find the impressive vaporizer body, an extension tube, an eGo adapter, a battery cap, the 510 connector and the user manual. What’s new about this case is that if features a magnetic voltage meter that can be used to give you an accurate reading on the remaining battery charge. You can use the SVD 2.0 with both 18350 and 18650 batteries.

The build quality is exceptional and the threading represents the most important part, which doesn’t pose any problems like some older versions. On the body has a nice finish and on one side you will notice a nice LCD screen and three buttons on the back. Both the smaller (plus / minus) buttons and the central firing button are almost flush with the body and they feel good when pressed. You can turn on the device by hitting the firing button five times and then browsed through the settings using the two smaller ones. The LCD shows the current watts, remaining battery charge, atomizer resistance and output voltage.

The iTaste SVD 2.0 is a variable wattage device powered by the Evolv Experience DNA chip allowing you to control the wattage (power) of your device like never before, with a precision of 0.1 increments from 5W up to 20W.It can work atomizers having a coil resistance as low as 0.5 ohm and up to 3 ohm. It features Evolv ‘Stepdown’ Technology, and has a reverse polarity protection, shut off timer, and additional features for maximum safety.

Performance wise, this is an excellent mod to use with your tank systems like the Nautilus or the Kanger but you can go with a rebuildable as well and test it at around 0.6 – 0.8 ohms. We used our Nautilus and have been quite impressed with the vapor production and flavor and found a nice sweet spot at around 10W.