Our Review On The Innokin iTaste DRV

itaste_DRV_thumbThe first ever e-cigarette system that has been solely crafted for vaping behind the wheel, giving you both freedom and enjoyment, the Innokin iTaste DRV is a perfect vaping device that offers comfort, convenience and extensive features while you are on the road. It is the prefect gizmo for vapers that are constantly on the road, inside a cockpit, boat or anywhere there is a 12 Volt car cigarette lighter plug. Design wise, it is a variable voltage pass-through device that resembles more a fancy gearshift knob than it does an electronic cigarette.

It comes packed in a decent cardboard box like many other Innokin products and it includes the DRV body, the retractable cable, a mini automatic pass-through and an eGo pass-through. The pass through cable seems very durable and is quite generous as it ranges from 20cm all the way to 270cm. The iTaste DRV can be used with any 510-threaded clearomizer and comes out of the box with two dual coil clearomizers.

The body is very solid, built from good quality materials (mostly stainless steel), and features a big round dial much like the one on the iTaste 134 but instead of watts, we have volts inside the small circles. It features a center on/off button that glows green around the edges once it’s plugged in and powered on. Changing the voltage is very intuitive and the current setting is backlight in blue so you’ll always know your setting. You can change the voltage from anywhere between 4.2 and 6.4V in 0.2 volt increments.

The iTaste DRV comes with two swappable pass-through devices, an automatic version and an eGo style manual version. The automatic version is probably suited for those who want to keep their eyes on the road without having to press a button every time they need a puff of nicotine. While this is very responsive and works like a charm, we found the manual version giving out more vapor and a more fulfilling overall vaping experience.

Vapor production is consistent but it’s no beast. The most amount you’ll get is over the 5 volt limit and it’s enough for a decent vape but it’s not as good as other Innokin models running on the same voltage. At the same time you won’t be able to use atomizer resistances lower than 1 ohm, so this means no sub-ohm vaping with this baby. Nevertheless, to be fair, blowing out massive clouds of vapor inside a small space as your car could probably have a negative effect on visibility so the people at Innokin decided put safety first.

However, don’t get us wrong, it’s a great device and it performs quite impressive once you find your sweet spot on the dial with anyone of your atomizers. It’s functionality is top notch and the durability of materials will ensure plenty of satisfying vaping hours behind the wheel. We’ve been using ours for almost a month and we can’t imagine going for a long drive without it. Overall, it does everything it promises and comes out as a real winner at the end.