Our Review On The Innokin iClear X.I.

The newest bottom dual coiled tank from Innokin, the iClear X.I. is very similar to the iClear 30B, but instead of transparent plastic, it does come with actual Pyrex walls and silicone sleeves to prevent any leaks that users complained about in the older models.

The tank comes packed in a very stylish hard plastic box that’s transparent with the iClear X.I. clearly visible on the front side and some assembly instructions on the back. Inside the box, you will find besides the tank, two extra coils and the rotating drip tip. Once of the things you’ll notice right out of the box is that this tank doesn’t come with an adjustable airflow control, but rather it has a fixed draw. However, this is not such a bad thing, considering that it’s one of the best set-airflow devices that we have ever tested. This is due to a revolutionary design in the coil head, with three holes for the air to pass through, giving a very smooth and impeccable draw.

To refill the iClear X.I. with e-liquid you need to keep it upside down, unscrew the bottom cap and start pouring the juice with your dripper. This version can hold up to 3ml of e-juice and like in the case of any new bottom coil tank system, you will need to let it soak for about 5-10 minutes each time you replace the coil.

The outer diameter is of about 19mm and the total length with the drip tip attached is around 80mm. The stainless steel used is of very good quality and the Pyrex walls will ensure that there’s no corrosion happening with some e-liquids. We’ve tested it for around a week or so and didn’t get any leaks, therefore the new silicone sleeve design is a great improvement.

The thing we were mostly impressed about was the airflow. This lovely tank is excellent for those who love mouth hits and it does put out a reasonable amount of vapor. Well, not only reasonable, it performs surprisingly well for a fixed airflow device and it’s one of the smoothest draws we’ve ever encountered.

We’ve used the iClear X.I. with our SVD and found it performing exceptionally on the 11-12 watt margin. Thick clouds of delicious vaperInnokin iClear X.I. clearomizer coming out with every puff (we’ve filled it up with 3ml of Razzmatazz) and the whole experience made us realize that not everyone needs changeable airflow in order to achieve a good vaping experience. Overall, we were both impressed and pleased with this tank and we will surely use it often with our SVD that is lying around the office