Our Review On The Innokin Gladius

The Gladius is Innokin’s response to the new generation tanks from Aspire and Kanger and it’s the first from this Chinese manufacturer to use an adjustable airflow mechanism. It’s relatively small, about the size of an Aerotank mini and it can hold up to 1.4ml of e-liquid. It uses the new redesigned atomizer heads from Innokin and it’s not compatible with any other coils on the market. But let’s take a closer look at this RTA and see how it performs.

Innokin Gladius tankThe Innokin Gladius comes packed inside the signature hard plastic transparent box and inside you will find the fully assembled tank and two extra atomizer heads rated at 2.1 Ohms each. As a side note you can also buy these coils with the resistance of 1.5 Ohms but nothing lower than that. On the top of the box you will find a ‘scratch and check’ code which you can check on the company’s website for authenticity.

The tank is made from good quality stainless,  is fitted with a Pyrex glass tube, and comes with lovely drip tip that matches the whole design. The stainless steel tip is connected to the tank via two small O-rings. The top side and chimney unscrew from the rest of the tank and you can easily clean the device, however the rubber seals are not that great and they get stuck or fall off every time. To refill the tank you need to unscrew the base and you’re ready to pour in the e-juice of your choice. This way you can also change the coil heads which come off easily. When you are using the Innokin Gladius for the first time or you are putting a new coil, remember to let the wick get soaked with e-liquid for 10-15 minutes before starting to vape.

The airflow adjustment system is quite unique and it features two opposite slots that cover openings in the base. This ensures a very loose draw even at the minimum setting and it’s an excellent tool for all you lung hitters out there. As a matter of fact it has one of the best airflows considering the tanks we’ve tested so far.

The dual coil atomizer heads perform nicely and the amount of vapor you get from the Innokin Gladius is impressive. On the flavor side the accuracy is not 100% but we have nothing to complain about. Despite the small capacity (1.4ml) the tank has an autonomy of 4-6 hours of moderate vaping that’s mainly because of the 2.1 Ohm resistance. It looks best on eGO / EVOD devices especially with the beauty ring on. On the base of the tank you will notice the 510 connection that comes with a fixed pin.

In terms of performance, we really can’t find any issues with the Gladius, besides the loose rubber seals that hold the Pyrex tube in place. We especially liked the airflow mechanism that ensure plenty of vapor and great versatility to match any style of vaping. The flavor is not as great as from a Kanger Subtank Nano for instance but it’s not too bad either. The materials used are of very high quality and the whole tank feels solid and durable. We would have liked Innokin to provide a spare Pyrex tube inside the box like Kanger or Aspire but this isn’t a deal breaker, especially considering the low price you pay for the Gladius.

Should you buy the Gladius? Well, if you don’t already have an Aspire Nautilus or Kanger then definitely yes. The airflow is fantastic and it goes great on top of your EVOD or Vision Spinner. You can buy spare coils (1.5 Ohms or 2.1 Ohms) and each one should last around two weeks. So, it’s a great deal