Our Review On The AGA TD

Designed for people that want to build their own coils and want an atomizer that’s very customizable, the AGA TD for Youde is a stainless steel jewel that want to impress. It is basically a Genesis style device that features holes for a dual coil / dual mesh build with a sealed 510 threaded pin. It even has an adjustable airflow system, with vent holes located on the top cap and on the inner rim. Youde ships the AGA TD in a simple cardboard box with nice artwork engraved on it and inside you will find the shiny unit and a bag of goodies including spare screws, additional insulators and O-rings and Kanthal wire.

AGA TD RTAThe AGA TD has a total diameter of around 22mm and it can carry as much as 2ml of e-juice in its tank. The tube is made from Pyrex glass and the top cap is mounted and sealed via O-rings. The deck is encircled by a deep lip with two holes on the sides for the airflow system. Since the outer lip is so elevated it can make it a bit tricky to pass the Kanthal through the negative posts but not impossible. The quality of the build is very good, with all the elements assembled and mounted perfectly and absolutely no leaks.

The deck of the AGA TD has a very interesting layout with two negative posts for the steel mesh, one negative post for the rope wick, a positive post and a fill port covered by a Philips screw. This particular atomizer from Youde can work with both steel mesh and rope wick, giving you a lot of flexibility.

The only bad part about this model is that you can’t use it in single coil mode, so if you’re buying it you will need to invest double the amount of time into the coil building. This is because the two holes for the mesh are not screw threaded and cannot be blocked – except of course if you find a grommet that will fit the spot or a piece of rubber. And when we say double the amount of time, we really mean it because of raised lip that makes things even more difficult – but definitely not a deal breaker.

However, once you have both coils and steel meshes in place, you will be absolutely amazed by the quantity and quality of vapor this gizmo can produce. And yes, you can still use it in single coil mode with the sole exception that you keep it upright all the time. But considering the $30 dollar price, it’s a very cool Genesis style atty to own and probably one of the best go-to devices in your collection.