More evidence that ecigarettes can help users quit smoking

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Most experts continue to debate whether or not ecigarettes can help users quit smoking. These devices use atomizers to deliver nicotine through vapor without all the negative compounds of smoking. But like any new product on the market, it takes years of research and study in order to make a complete evaluation about the benefits and downsides of these alternatives to analog cigarettes.

ecig evidence The Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland conducted an online survey let by Professor Jean Francois Etter with the help of ecigarettes users trying to definitely quit smoking. The results of this study were very promising and confirm the importance of the ecigs when it comes to smoking cessation.

Sure, there were other studies conducted in the past regarding this topic, but there has been no long-term research done to prove how vapers use ecigarettes. Knowing that most users buy these devices online, Professor Etter posted a questionnaire on a stop-smoking site and asked a number of ecig vendors to link to it. The users were asked to fill out a baseline questionnaire, another one after three months and the last one after one year of ecigarette usage. From over 1000 initial responders, only 367 managed to fill out all of the three forms.

After carefully analyzing the collected data, Professor Etter posted some very promising conclusions: out all the users who had already quit and were using the ecig instead, only 6% had relapsed after one month. Outstandingly, that number remained the same after one year.

Out of those who were using both analog and electronic cigarettes when the survey began, 22% gave up tobacco after one month and 46% after a year. This last group smoked approx 11.3 cigarettes per day at the beginning and about 6 after the first month.

These results were remarkable, but Professor Jean Francois Etter said: “This suggests that e-cigs may help them quit, but our results need to be interpreted with caution, because of the dropout rate at follow-up and the fact that our sample is not representative of all vapers” also adding that ”our results may not be generalizable to

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