Electronic cigarettes and the US Navy

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Tobacco smoke was something very common onboard all of the US Navy’s ships for countless decades, and clearly associated with the hectic life of sailors patrolling overseas. It’s only due to the strict anti-tobacco regulations enforced in recent years that smoking has been confined to restricted zones on the deck often referred to as ‘smoke pits’. But a more recent trend has sparked a bit of controversy onboard battle ships – because sailors looking to quit by using smokeless e-cigarettes were also restricted to the same areas as those puffing out tobacco.

US navy and ecigs However, starting July 2014 the United States Navy decided to make an experiment onboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier after making a lot of surveys and listening carefully to the needs of sailors. This is why this particular battle ship became the first ever in US history to have a dedicated electronic cigarette deck.

In the past, crew members onboard the CVN 73 (USS George Washington) used to vape on their electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers on the same decks where other sailors puffed out hazardous tobacco smoke. This defeated the whole purpose of trying to quit because of the dense second hand smoke that lured on the corridors, and some sailors felt marginalized even though they were in the process of cutting down on tobacco. The new deck now allows any crew member to enjoy their ecig vaporizer without having to inhale anything else besides the delicious nicotine infused mist. It is also much cleaner in comparison with traditional smoking decks because there are no butts, and no ash.

The sailors seem to appreciate the US Navy’s initiative very much and now can they can make their transition from tobacco to e-liquid with much ease. With this deck destined only for e-smoking, comrades not only benefit from having their distinct zone but also from having a unique social surrounding. And the good news is that the new deck doesn’t confine vapers to use their e cig vaporizers only in the enclosed perimeter, they can also puff on liquid nicotine in all other designated ‘smoke pits’. This is great for those who want to spend some relaxed moments with their buddies and don’t mind the second hand smoke.

The Navy’s purpose on board the aircraft carrier is not to promote e-cigarettes or to ban smoking, but to give crew members the opportunity to enjoy their favorite nicotine deliver products while preparing for the work that awaits them. The fact that the new deck has been embraced with so much optimism is a clear indicator that such measures are welcomed on other ships too and the trend is to replace the once popular tobacco with healthier alternatives.

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