BBC reports on Vaping

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The growing popularity e-cigs have made recently cannot be underestimated. Even the giant broadcasting network BBC acknowledges this popularity among the British people. They recently made a report on this alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. One good thing about this BBC report as compared with other news agencies is, they gave a balanced story about e-cig, while other reports tend to put it in a negative light only.

BBC newsBBC reported that the number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK is expected to reach a million this year but that while some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives, others think they normalise what looks like smoking and may be unsafe. BBC was fair enough to point out the positive as well as the seemingly negative aspects of e-cig.  This kind of argument that seems to say that e-cig may be unsafe just because it looks like smoking is not making sense. We don’t judge something or someone by looks alone. Non-wine drinkers could not judge someone as drinking wine in public just because the fruit juice in the glass looks like wine. Nor should using e-cig in public be judged as unsafe because the e-cig looks like the harmful tobacco cigarette. In fact, the process of using e-cig is not even called smoking, rather it is called vaporizing or vaping. The two are totally different.

It is obvious, then that education is the best approach in encouraging people, specifically the tobacco smokers, to switch to e-cig vaping. Education opens the mind about issues that may help one make A decision. In this case, we promote educating the public about the pros and cons of e-cig use, and once the people see that e-cig is way, way behind tobacco cigarette in the harm it can do to health and well-being, they will not hesitate making the switch.  This is what BBC has just done in reporting to the public, not only showing the senseless arguments against e-cigarettes, but also in showing them the advantages it has over traditional and harmful smoking.

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