Accessories for mechanical mods

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You have probably browsed a lot of online forums and read a lot of reviews before picking your first mechanical mod, but besides the unit itself you will also need some accessories in order to enjoy vaping without discomfort. The first thing you need to do is to check out the online store for a description of what you will find inside the box. Reading reviews is a good place to start, but unfortunately, depending on the vendor the same mech mod can come only with a warranty inside the box while with other sellers it can come with an added clearomizer or battery.

nitecore charger If you spot the word ‘kit’ inside the product name or description then you can probably expect more than the mod. A kit usually includes a tank, a bottle of e-liquid and a battery or battery charger. However, you should be very careful with the Chinese batteries that come alongside a mod. They are usually of questionable quality and rather risky to use, especially if you plan on experimenting with your own coils. We recommend that you buy your batteries from a respected vendor and chose a reputable brand name like Sony or Panasonic and pay close attention to the continuous discharge rate. To always be on the safe side, no matter what type of build you use go for a 30A model like the Sony VTC5. Chargers are also important and as a rule never buy the cheapest one. NiteCore IntelliCharger is a good alternative to increase the lifespan of you batteries and also keep safe from fire hazards.

In order to enjoy you mechanical mod you will need, besides batteries and a charger, also a tank/rebuildable atomizer, some e-liquid and a carrying pouch. Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but nowadays they usually use the same threading as the majority of mods on the market. So if you see the 510 connection in the description you can be 99% sure that what you buy will match your mechanical.

Now, depending if you want to build your own coils or not there are a few tank systems that can be suited for you. For coil building enthusiasts there are of course the rebuildable dripping atomizers (or RDAs) the kayfun style attys and the Genesis models. If you don’t like to gets your hands dirty then clearomizers are the way to go. These usually feature disposable atomizer heads that can be easily replaced once you’re no longer satisfied with the quantity or quality of vapor. Some models even have an adjustable airflow system and the possibility of using sub-ohm coils. Aspire and Kanger are the most renowned in this field.

When it comes to e-liquid, personal preference is key but you need to understand that juices with a higher VG concentration give more vapor while the ones with higher PG concentrations have more flavor.

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