How 100 New Yorkers feel about e-cigarettes and vaping in general

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Being such a popular product and becoming even a trend among ex-smokers, e-cigarettes and vaping has drawn a lot of attention in the last few years and besides giving its users a chance to get their nicotine hit without the dangerous effects of the tar and carcinogens it also created a lot of controversy as it mimics analog cigarettes and its long term effects on human health are still unknown. Without sufficient medical proof, relaxed rules and regulations many argue that these devices might be hazardous to non-smokers, even though everybody agrees that they represent a far healthier alternative than their tobacco counterparts.

E-cigarettes_and_vaping_NYmag_surveyBack in December 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed his final bills into law one day before his last in office. Among these, there is the controversial bill voted by the City Council to restrict e-cigarette use in all public places, but the decision came among a heated debate over whether such a restriction was necessary. Vaping is now prohibited everywhere smoking with fire is, including bars, your cubicle, and city parks.

Wanting to see if anyone cares, the people at dispatched their interns to Bryant Park, Union Square, Rockefeller Center, and Washington Square Park to survey 100 New Yorkers based on their feelings with respect to vaping.

The conclusion of this survey was that nearly 40 percent of those asked have tried e-cigarettes, but the large majority has no idea what the regulations are. The people surveyed ranged in age from 16 to 72 and they admitted not knowing the specifics of Bloomberg’s law, which went into effect the week before.

Here are a few results of this poll:

  • When asked if ever smoked an e-cigarette, 37 percent said ‘yes’ while 63 percent never tried any kind of vaporizer;
  • 61 percent of responders were not familiar with the recent regulation while 39 percent had some ideas about the specifics of this law; Sure enough, scarcely half of those surveyed were aware it's not legal to puff in restaurants, bars, offices, clubs, or classrooms;
  • 54 percent of people said it’s legal to smoke indoors publicly within the city limits, and got it wrong;
  • 59 percent even said it was legal to smoke inside a New York park or beach, but they were sadly mistaking;
  • 62 percent of responders said it does not bother them when others vape indoors, while 75 percent are definitely against vaping inside an airplane;
  • 57 percent said that smoking ecigarettes indoors should be illegal;
  • Only 16 percent declared that e-cigarettes are cooler than their tobacco counterparts, while 34 percent said there is no difference;
  • Out of the flavors of e-cigarettes, ‘menthol’ is the most adored;
  • 93 percent of responders couldn’t name at least one celebrity that smokes electronic cigarettes;


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